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Free Courses on Attention to the Present - "Mindfulness".
Course objectives based on self-observation

Our courses, solidarity and free of charge, are oriented to the personal and social health of the human being. In them, we can learn to direct our attention to self-perception: physical, emotional and mental sensations; to take a distance from emotional suggestion; to observe the orientation of our images and beliefs. On the one hand, they are an invitation to be self-responsible with one's own health while maintaining the intended attention, and on the other hand, they are a contribution to our research project on the benefits of attending to the present, which is nourished by the answers to a brief test that is requested from all participants at the beginning and end of each course.

How to register for courses?

To access the courses you only have to follow 3 steps:

    1. Log in to the campus, if you don't have a user account then you must register.
    2.  Go to the Navigation section and access "Courses".
    3. Self-register for the course you are interested in.        

Courses are organized in Classrooms, and the Classrooms in which you can register have the Self Enrollment icon: Self enrolment
If you have any problems with your self-enrollment, you can ask the site administrator for registration to the course of your interest by sending the application to the following address:

Who the courses are aimed at

Suitable for everyone. However, it can be especially useful if you live:

    Overtaken by stress
    Feeling guilty
    Excessively anxious

The practice of attention to the present is fundamental in order to be able to place ourselves in the world, in every situation that we live, both outside and within ourselves. The intentional practice of attention to the present since childhood, will help us to lead a healthy life for our brain, fulfilled, calm, centered and free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have fixed days and times to attend sessions?

No. The course is online so you can watch the videos at the time of the day or week that suits you best.

What is the test included in the free mindfulness course on Attention to the Present?

We are conducting research on what variables influence people's well-being and how to improve individual personal training to achieve it (as in this online solidarity and free course). To do this, it will help us to fill in the test that will appear at the beginning and end of the course.
The survey is completely anonymous. You do not have to give your name or surname on the questionnaire. The data collected will be stored confidentially (according to the data protection law) and the results will be used for research purposes only.

Can study groups (schools, colleges and universities) or social communities (associations) or work groups (companies) register for the free mindfulness course "Attention to the Present"?

Yes, of course. We'd assign them a specific course. The only condition would be that the group should be no less than 30 participants. An interesting aspect for the groups that signed up as such is that, if they are interested, we could provide them, as soon as conclusions are available, with the data provided by our research (based on the tests) on the group.

Your health contributes to everyone's health.

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